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How to Use the QuickBooks Capital Affordability Calculator in 2019

Learn how to use the QuickBooks Capital Affordability Calculator in 2019 to make smart decisions about QuickBooks Capital loans. In 2019, there are lots of errors facing by QuickBooks Software, But we Every Error has its solution. Lets learn that solution.

There’s no need to guess if you can afford a loan with QuickBooks Capital. Our affordability calculator can help. It uses your QuickBooks data to make an estimate and tell you the affordability of potential loans.

Here’s how to use the calculator to understand how big of a loan you can afford.

Use the affordability calculator

QuickBooks Capital Affordability Calculator

To access the affordability calculator, select the Capital menu in QuickBooks Online to know how to use the QuickBooks Capital Affordability Calculator

The calculator gives you a basic loan estimate and repayment rate based on your business’ current cash on hand in QuickBooks. It’s important to keep your books up-to-date so the calculator can make accurate recommendations.

You can adjust the sliders on the page to see how changes to your business affect your loan estimate. You’ll know how adjustments to your revenue, expenses, and credit profile impact your ability to afford a loan.

About loan estimates

Keep in mind that this is only a loan estimate. Once you apply, the actual amount you can borrow may change.

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