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Configure firewall or security software when using QuickBooks Payments

In this Article we are going to talk about hot to Configure Firewall or Security software when using QuickBooks Payments. You may need to configure your firewall or security software to ensure uninterrupted access when using QuickBooks Payments. All web-based credit card processing uses secure connection (SSL) to transmit data. If certain ports, applications, or QuickBooks Payments web sites are not enabled for Payments services, you may experience the following problems or errors when you try to process a transaction:

  • Page cannot be displayed,
  • Server response reported an error,
  • Error 404, Error 500, etc
  • Your request requires escalation,
  • Time out messages,
  • The page you are trying to view is taking too long to respond,
  • Script errors,
  • Blank pages,

Change your system settings as follows:

Open and enable these internet ports for merchant related applications:

  • 8443 (UDP and TCP)
  • 443 (UDP and TCP)

Enable these applications for internet access:

  • QBW32.exe
  • QBPOS.exe
  • EFTSVR.exe

Enable these domains for QuickBooks payments access:

  • *.intuit.com
  • *.innovativemerchant.com
  • *.innovativegateway.com