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We offer an industry-standard migration service to convert your NetSuite data file to QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, or QuickBooks Online. This is a full service NetSuite data migration with all lists and transactions history. In addition We also Provide Support For NetSuite.

NetSuite to QuickBooks


Firstly, It is possible to convert your company file from NetSuite to QuickBooks. Secondly, Yes there is some terms you should before anything else. In other words, Continue reading this article.

NetSuite Conversion Specifications

We convert your NetSuite data file to Quickbooks with engineering precision. Below are the specifications of the conversion:

Quickbooks Setup

Organisation details & financial settings

Chart of Accounts

Exactly as in NetSuite with opening balances

Items & Inventory

Exactly as in NetSuite with quantities

All Lists

All NetSuite lists including Customers, Vendors, Employee, Other Names


Full transaction history conversion from NetSuite to Quickbooks

Payroll Conversion

Payroll data is converted as Journal Entries

Conversion Audit

Trial Balance and Ageing Reports reconciled to the source data file

Conversion Checklist

Post conversion checklist document


What is not converted from NetSuite?

We only currently convert core accounting data from NetSuite and not the following types of data.

  • Bank Reconciliations (You will need to do one bank reconciliation after the conversion)
  • Employee YTD information (You will need to enter employee YTD information into Quickbooks after the conversion since payroll data conversion is not supported by Quickbooks)
  • Individual employee wage or deduction information
  • NetSuite Custom templates
  • Budgets
  • Paychecks

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