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TLS 1.2 Error Continues After .NET | QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Error | 2019

In this article we are going to help you get rid of the error QuickBooks TLS 1.2 error and get you back on track.
The default browser for QuickBooks is IE, you’ll need to configure your IE settings to avoid TLS error.
QuickBooks TLS error
Here’s how:
  1. Click on Tools and then Internet Options.
  2. On the General tab, select Delete.  Select Temporary Internet files and click Delete. (Note – do not select to delete cookies.)
  3. On the Connections tab, select LAN settings.
    a. Mark the checkbox next to Automatically Detect Settings.
    b. Make sure Proxy servers are blank unless you use one.
    Note: You may need to check with your IT administrator.
    c. Choose Ok twice.
  4. On the Advanced tab, go about 3/4 of the way down the list.
    a. Make sure both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked.
    b. If marked, please clear the box next to Check for publisher’s certificate.
  5. On the same Advanced tab, scroll down towards the bottom.
    a. Make sure TLS 1.2 is not checked.  If marked, clear the checkbox.
  6. Now you’re good to go with QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Error

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