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How to Import IIF File in QuickBooks Desktop 2019?

In this article, we tend to square measure progressing to discuss concerning what’s IIF File, What this Do, and conjointly however it works Or Import Export the IIF File. Moreover, we tend to square measure going to answer all of the questions about accounting IIF File, the way to Import IIF enter Quickbooks Desktop, Improved IIF Import in QuickBooks 2019. Similarly, you’ll rent a comptroller or certified public accountant on get in  +1-(818) 900-9884

Quickbooks IIF File Import Export

What is IIF?

The most punctual technique Intuit produced for the trading of information was an interesting type of content record known as an IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) document. This document type has been utilized broadly to fare or import QuickBooks Desktop information, to and from Company records and also unique stages.

Basically, IIF imports into QuickBooks straightforwardly, embedding’s the crude information into the QuickBooks Company document with no noteworthy approval. While Intuit furnished outsiders with nifty gritty guidelines and an import pack, including tests of IIF information, there was basically nothing to uphold strict consistence. Accordingly, a background marked by document debasement has been related with IIF import from either rebellious sources, or essentially because of designing blunders coming about because of the somewhat unpredictable design of the IIF organizing.

Improved IIF Import in QuickBooks 2019

In QuickBooks Desktop 2019, importing lists and transactions is more convenient and accurate with the improved Import IIF Tool. It eliminates the possibility of importing bad data by scanning your file for errors.

If errors are found, the tool:

  • Shows the number of items successfully imported or failed.
  • Provides a new .IIF file of the failed transactions, along with the descriptions of errors found.

The tool also now works in multi-user mode for QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

How to import .IIF files

Go to File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files.
Select Import IIF.
Locate the file, then select OK.Note: we do not advocate the option Import it on behalf of me. i am going to fix it later. Since this feature bypasses information review, a number of the information might not be correct or complete for your books. It conjointly needs that you simply switch to single user.
Once the import is winning, you will see the numbers of list and transactions foreign. Press Done.
File not foreign

If the import is unsuccessful, you will see the amount of list and transactions that each unsuccessful and was with success foreign. QuickBooks mechanically creates a replacement .IIF file for unsuccessful records with error information. You then have three choices to maneuver forward:

Review now opens the new .IIF created. Proceed to “How to review the errors in .IIF” section below.
Open in folder opens the folder wherever the new .IIF file is found.
Close closes the window and ignores the Lists and Transactions that weren’t foreign.

Import QuickBooks IIF File

How to review the errors in .IIF

If you encounter the error “File not imported”, QuickBooks gives you the option to review and resolve the errors found in the .IIF file.

  1. Select Review now.
  2. Look for ERROR to see what the problem(s) with the file is.
  3. Correct the errors and Save.Important: If asked if you want to keep the file type, select Yes.
  4. Close the File not imported window.
  5. Import the new, corrected .IIF file.

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