Quickbooks Inventory Stock Status by Item

In this Blog we are going to discuss about How QuickBooks Inventory Stock by item Works in 2019

Some Business need report to check the Bill Of Materials for a particular assembly, with how much Quantity used, Quantity on Hand, and Quantity used on Purchase Orders for particular Material.

This was very beneficial for showing what Material Quantity needed to be re-ordered to complete a customer’s purchase order.

So the most question How we can get a report like this in QuickBooks?


Best Solution 

You can pull up the Inventory Stock Status by Item report to view the assembly item, 
quantity on hand, and quantity on purchase orders. Then, open the assembly item's 
settings to view the bill of materials and quantity of the items needed.


Read steps-by-steps instructions to open up the Inventory Stock Status by Item report:
  1. Click Reports.
  2. Go to Inventory.
  3. Select Inventory Stock Status by Item.
quickbooks inventory stock reports
Then, here's how to open the assembly item's settings:
  1. Click Lists.
  2. Go to Item List.
  3. Look for the item, then double-click to open the settings.
  4. Click Full View.

quickbooks inventory stock reports


Hope this will help you to get the Inventory stock status. Feel free to reach us for more Questions.

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