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Setup printing alignment for 1099 Tax Forms

In this article we have a tendency to provides the way to Setup printing alignment for 1099 Tax Forms directions for 1099 forms. In other words, Set up printing alignment for 1099 Tax Forms

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Set up printing alignment for 1099 Tax Forms in QuickBooks

Alignment directions for 1099 or bottom portion of 1099:

  1. From the left menu, select Expenses then Vendors.
  2. Select Prepare 1099s.
  3. Select Let’s get started/Continue your 1099s.
  4. Review or enter the company name and address and the Tax ID then select Next.
  5. Select the box for payment types you made and the expense account you use for these payments then select Next.
  6. Review your contractor’s information and select Next.
  7. In the Check that the payments add up pageselect Finish preparing 1099s.
  8. Select I’ll file myself.
  9. Go through the steps in the Select a form type and print a sample page, then select either:
    • No, it does not line up: If the information doesn’t line up the shape properly. choosing this may direct you to the Fine-tune alignment page wherever you’ll create horizontal and vertical changes to the shape alignment.

      Yes, appearance good!: If the shape aligns properly.

  10. Go through the steps within the choose a type sort and print page then choose Next.
  11. Select Done to complete printing 1099s.


Other belongings you can try:

Windows (Using Chrome)

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Select the 3 vertical dots within the upper-right facet.
  3. Select Settings then Show advanced settings.
  4. Under Privacy, select Content settings.
  5. Deselect Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application.
  6. Select Done.
  7. Print 1099.

If it still doesn’t align, on the print window, expand the More Settings section to verify Fit to page is not selected.


  1. From Firefox toolbar, select Tools/Add-ons/Plugins.
  2. Disable Browser Plugin 2.4.2.
  3. Print 1099.
  4. If Preview is opening instead of Adobe, hover over PDF button on the upper left of the toolbar; select Open with external viewer and choose Adobe from the drop-down list.
  5. Print from Adobe wherever printer paper handling settings is verified and altered if required.

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