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How Veterans Day affect Direct Deposit in QuickBooks?

In this article we are going to answers some Questions about How Veterans Day is going to affect the direct Deposits in QuickBooks and also the other Accounting Software.

How will Veterans Day affect Direct Deposit?

QuickBooks Payroll will not process Direct Deposits on Monday, November 11, 2019 due to the federal Reserve Bank’s observence of the Vetrans Day Holiday.

In order for your direct deposits employees to recieve thier paychecks by 11/11/2019, you should:

* Change your paycheck date to Friday, 11/08/2019.
* Send your payroll by 5 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, 11/06/2019

For other paychecks dates , you might need to send your direct deposit payroll a day earlier than usual, as described below:

How will Veterans Day affect Direct Deposit?

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