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Fix online banking errors after a bank merger

Learn how to Fix online banking errors after a bank merger

If your bank merged with another bank, it’s likely that you’ll have to change the way you access your accounts online. In addition, you may receive error codes such as 162, 102, 108, or 525 regarding connecting to your bank accounts to Fix online banking errors after a bank merger.

If this happens, take the following steps to resolve the errors:

  1. Contact the new bank (the one currently holding your account) and verify how to access your online accounts. The new bank should give you a new URL and login information for their online banking website.
  2. Go online and make sure you can access your accounts from the new site using the new credentials you were given. If not, contact the bank for assistance.
  3. In QuickBooks Online, disconnect the old account and reconnect using your new credentials.

For the steps to disconnect a Downloaded Transaction account, Disconnect an account connected to online banking.

Important: Don’t disconnect an account if you run into a bank connection error. You may download duplicate transactions or duplicate opening balance entries when you reconnect it. Instead, follow the steps to fix online banking errors.
  1. Go to the Banking menu or Transactions menu.
  2. Select the blue tile for your bank account.
  3. Click the pencil ✎ icon to edit the account, then select Edit account info.
  4. Select the Disconnect this account on save checkbox.
  5. Select Save and close.

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