How to Record transactions for a property management company in Quickbooks

Learn how to record transactions for rental properties you manage and for your own management company in QuickBooks Desktop. As a property manager, you provide service to property owners and the tenants of those properties. In such a case, you need to create and manage two company files: Rental property company. You collect rent, pay bills, […]

Create a non-taxable reimbursement payroll item in QuickBooks in 2021

Learn how a non-taxable reimbursement payroll item can be created in QuickBooks Desktop payroll. In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you can create a non-taxable reimbursement payroll item for things such as mileage, travel, or non-taxable insurance reimbursements. Here’s how: Add a new payroll item The first thing you need to do is add a new payroll […]

Change your email, user ID, or password for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed

Learn how to change your email address, user ID, or password for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-Employed. Need to make some updates? You can make changes to your accounts from your Intuit Account Manager. You can get there while you’re using QuickBooks, or sign in to the account manager directly. Change your QuickBooks user ID, email […]

Downgrade your QuickBooks Online Plan in 2021

Get help to downgrade your QuickBooks Online plan. in 2020. You can always choose what’s best for your business. If you think your current QuickBooks Online plan isn’t the right fit, you can switch to a different version. Here’s how to downgrade your subscription. Note: Downgrading removes all discounts you have on your current plan. […]

What to do if customers can’t pay their invoices online

Learn how you can help customers if they can’t pay for an invoice you send them in QuickBooks and What to do if customers can’t pay their invoices online If you sign up for QuickBooks Payments, you can send invoices from QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop that customers can pay online. When they get the email, […]

Fix Bank Error 591 for American Express Business account with QuickBooks

Learn how to fix bank error 591 for an American Express Business account in QuickBooks Online. Do you see error 591 when you try to connect your American Express Business account to QuickBooks? This can happen for a couple of reasons: The account is already connected to another QuickBooks. American Express accounts can only be tied […]

Setup bank rules to categorize banking transactions in QuickBooks

Learn how to use bank rules to automatically categorize transactions from your bank. When you download transactions from your bank, you need to categorize them so they go into the right accounts. Bank rules speed up this review process. You can create rules that automatically categorize transactions for you. The more QuickBooks uses your bank rules, the better it […]